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Quality of Life

Our Comprehensive Programs can provide remarkable improvements where traditional medical practices have failed.

 We use the latest scientifically proven approaches to treat an array of conditions caused by injury or degeneration. And with the ever expanding options in this field, avoiding invasive, painful surgery and long-term drug use is easier than ever. 

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Ozone O3 Therapy

Ozone Therapy is a powerful modality; adding to our already wide range of services for relieving Chronic Pain and creating overall wellness. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that is created when Oxygen (O2) comes into contact with UV rays or electricity. That smell in the air after a good thunderstorm? That's Ozone. 

An alternative therapy to surgery or long term drug use, Ozone Therapy has been proven effective in relieving arthritis, chronic pain in joints, pain from osteoarthritis and degenerative disease and wound healing.

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Ozone Therapy for Wellness

Spinal Decompression

The most effective, non-invasive way to treat injured, herniated and bulging discs, we combine state-of-the-art techniques as part of a comprehensive approach to alleviate your pain.

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Medical Weight Loss

As medical professionals, we know that healthy living begins with balanced nutrition, healthy eating and exercise but often our patients need an extra boost to stay on track and meet their goals. We have developed proven programs to help you finally achieve your weight loss goals through a holistic, full-body approach that begins with a free one-on-one consultation. 

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Quick Weight Loss

Back Pain Treatment

We use a combination of traditional and alternative treatment approaches to help alleviate your pain at its source and provide stress relief. We then work as a team to help you develop a long-term program to strengthen and stay healthy for life.

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Peripheral Neuropathy

Identified by weakness, cramping, tingling, loss of coordination or muscle spasms, peripheral neuropathy is nerve damage in the hands, feet, shoulders, legs or arms. We first identify the underlying cause or source of the injury and work with the entire body to help begin treatment. This can include nutrition, chiropractic care, functional medicine modalities and more.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Determining if you have hormone imbalances can be difficult. Low Testosterone can present with similar symptoms to several other illnesses; fatigue, weight gain, loss of sleep. 1 in 4 men over 30 suffer from low testosterone, let us help you determine if HRT is right for you.

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Trigger Point Therapy

Using a combination of botanical and neuromuscular approaches, we target muscular trigger points or “knots” that can cause acute or deferred pain, lose of flexibility and more. Sarapin, a natural botanical known for its anti-inflammatory properties, is often paired with percussive therapy, taking a holistic approach to resolve your pain.

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Physical Rehabilitation

We aim to provide the optimal combination of natural and holistic pain management to first alleviate your pain and heal your injury. We will then work with your entire body to stay healthy and remain pain free.

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Neurological Training

Muscular Tension at the base of the skull can create damaging pressure on the upper spinal nerves. This tension on the meninges can cause pain from the base of the skull downward. Using a combination of treatments, Neurological training may be able to help with Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue and more.

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Lipo Light Therapy

The perfect compliment to your Medical Weight Loss program, LED lights increase the elastin and collagen in your skin while encouraging fat cells to dispel excess water, glycerol and free fatty acids.

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On-Site Digital X-Ray

We perform diagnostic testing in house, for your convenience and to get your comprehensive treatment plan underway as quickly as possible.

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