Regenerative Medicine

Scientific and Medical Breakthroughs

Providing remarkable improvements where traditional medical practices have failed, Regenerative Medicine can be used to treat an array of conditions without surgery and with minimal recovery time.

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We live lives that are busier than ever; Fast paced, full of commitments, activities and responsibilities.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t slow down when your body and your health start to fail.

As medical professionals, we are dedicated to improving your quality of life and finding the best, least disruptive solutions to restoring your health. Surgery and long-term use of pain medication can be major disruptions to your way of life; long recovery times, addictions to medications, loss of functionality, even depression.


Your Body’s Built-in Repair System

Stem Cells are the building blocks of the human body.

We are born with hundreds of millions of these cells already in our bodies and they have the unique ability to replicate themselves. They are also able to develop into other types of specialized cells; blood cells, skin cells, bone cells, cartilage cells, just about any cell in the human body.

Your body uses stem cells to constantly replace its worn out and damaged cells. Think about donating blood, a skinned knee healing, growing your hair and nails, even exfoliating! All made possible because your body is replacing its cells.

For almost any kind of damage or injury, your body naturally has the tools and systems in place to make the needed repairs to keep you going. As we age, our body produces fewer and fewer stem cells on its own and the new cells are not quite as “healthy and strong” as when you were younger. As a result, when our more “mature” joints are injured or damaged, our supply of “healthy” cells is limited and not as adept to make the necessary repairs.


 As research continues, the fields of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy continue to evolve into the greatest hope for those suffering and looking for methods to improve their quality of life.


Regenerative Medicine FAQ's


The question we are most frequently asked is "Where do the stem cells you use come from?" 

The source of the cells that we use depends on the age and condition of the person being treated. For some patients, we can use their own tissue. For others, we proudly use a biological product from Predictive Biotech. For more information about Regenerative Medicine and related products, please head to our Regenerative Medicine FAQ Page

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We designed our Regenerative FAQ Page just for you, answering all of the most common questions about Regenerative Medicine. Be sure to follow our Blog, Be Superior, as well as we offer industry updates and need to know information about Health and Wellness as a lifestyle. 

Regenerative Medicine

Strides in medical technology over the last few decades have allowed us to provide remarkable options for treatment. Your body has its own incredible repair system and Regenerative Medicine allows us to utilize these natural elements to do work where other traditional medical processes have failed or had limited results.

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