Our Patients Say It Best

Jack's Success

Jack B.Playing 18 holes Again

"I was told that I needed to get shoulder replacement in both shoulders. And my dad was not willing to go through that surgery. I had to give up my favorite game of golf and I lost my buddies because that’s all we do now. After the treatment not only were my shoulders doing better. Now I can play 18 holes of golf and my knee is holding up fine. I recommend it to all my friends as an alternative to surgery."

Barbara's Success

BarbaraAvoided Lower Back Surgery

"I was having severe low back pain and I couldn’t go up steps. The pain was very severe, and I’ve already had surgery on my neck to fuse the vertebra and I definitely didn’t want to do that again. The orthopedic surgeon said this was my only alternative. I was not having surgery again.. The other remedies such as epidurals and pain management just didn’t do anything for me. After about three months I was able to walk about 2 miles a day and also continue yoga.. if you’ve tried everything - you should definitely come in to this clinic and see if they can help you too!"

Lonny's Success!

Lonny M

I felt the treatment here was professional, courteous, and considerate and they all care about what happened to and they do everything possible to alleviate the pain. The progress reports are adequate and so it just one of those experiences that you don't find just everywhere. This is wonderful.

Eileen's Success

Eileen StithLiving Pain Free

Since having treatment programs on both knees 6 months ago, I am pain free!! I can't express enough how this has changed my life. You guys are the best!

Ginger's Success

GingerStraight From the Horse's Mouth

"I’ve had low back pain for over 20 years and I’m a very active person that likes to ride horses. I also work standing up and noticed after a few weeks I could stand up for several hours without pain.  The pain went away in just a few weeks after my injections into the Low-back. I’ve told all my horsey friends about this place because it’s amazing."

Mr. Patel's Success

Mr. PatelAvoiding Surgery and Feeling Better Already

"I attended a  free seminar because I have tried Cortisone injections and did not want to have surgery. I felt better in just 16 weeks after my treatment. My pain level is way down and I can walk better. The injections did not hurt, and I recommended many people already to help them also avoid surgery."

Cindy's Success

CindyStill Working Hard

"I work in retail and have to stand on my feet all day. By the end of the day in the last hour or so I always had to sit down because the pain was so great in my knees and legs. Then I would go home and lay in my bed for two hours just to feel better. Now I can work all day without pain and my energy is much better. I’ve already referred many people, and every day I recommend it to my friends"

Martha's Success

MarthaStronger Than Ever

My life began again when I found Superior Healthcare! I have severe scoliosis, and I had been going to a medical specialist for back pain for ten years. I was prescribed hydrocodone and other drugs to manage the pain, but I was not getting better. The pain had become debilitating, as I had a pain level of 8-10 out of 10 every day, all day. I was in danger of losing my career. I learned about Superior Healthcare and doubted that they could help but went because I was out of options. They gave me a chance when others would not, and many days I am pain free, or only have minimal pain. No more hydrocodone! I went through their suggested program and began to feel relief immediately.

After several months, and a weight loss of 30 pounds, I am a different person. I feel great, and I look so different since I am not in constant pain. Their program changed my life. I love every doctor, chiropractor, nurse practitioner, and staff member. They are encouraging, knowledgeable, and genuine in their concern for my well-being. I work out in the gym next door, and the trainers are amazing. They know how to guide my progress without increasing my pain.

I get stronger every day. I can continue my career and enjoy every minute of it. Thank you to the wonderful people who developed this concept and believe in helping others stop hurting. I am so grateful for Superior Healthcare!

Tina's Success

Tina Cuevas

I attended a Seminar today on the programs that you offer as an alternative to surgery. I was totally blown away by what the speaker had to say. I have heard about this company but did not realize it was available at this level since our healthcare system pretty much blocks anything outside the conventional medicine realm.

The staff was wonderful at the restaurant and the speaker was amazing. Everyone was engaged to the fullest. I am so excited for my first visit on Wednesday of next week.

Sommer's Success

Sommer Gorman

A professional staff that was happy to help and leading the way in regenerative medicine! I would highly recommend.

Terri's Success

TerriNo more back pain

I received a treatment at Superior Healthcare in November 2017. The entire staff was amazing and made me feel so comfortable and calm. I had previously undergone a similar treatment 8 years ago, and this experience was far less painful and invasive. During my procedure, everyone in the room was very calming, and extremely competent. The whole experience was far better than I could have hoped. It has only been a couple of weeks, but my back pain is all but gone, and my hips cause me far less pain and getting better every day. I would highly recommend Superior Healthcare.

Marylou's Success

Marylou W.One Satisfied Patient

This group is fantastic! My husband and I have been several times for different ailments over the past 20 years! They have a team of doctors, chiropractors, nurse p.a.s, physical therapists, (who assess your ailments before beginning treatment) massage therapists and wonderful office staff.  They're the best!!!!! Thanks Steve for this concept of care for the whole person!!!

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