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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe there is a tremendous gap between the latest research and the standard of medical care that most patients receive. By combining multiple types of medical personnel and the latest in advanced treatment modalities, it is our goal to bridge that gap.

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Common Questions

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine approaches health care comprehensively and aims to treat and manage disease by addressing the underlying cause of your symptoms. Using a combination of traditional and alternative approaches, we will focus on total body health and wellness for the rest of your life, not just acute pain care.

What can I expect during my initial visit?

We believe in identifying and addressing the cause of your issues not just treating the symptoms. Once you’ve checked in, we will speak with you at length about your personal situation and experience. Our team will then utilize a variety of tests to help determine how best to begin your treatment.

What treatment modalities are used by your office?

We offer an array of treatments including PEMF, frequency specific Microcurrent, Light therapy, Medical Weight Loss, Whole Body Vibration (WBV) and Oxygen to name a few. A full list of treatments and services can be found on our What We Do page.


I’m interested in Medical Weight Loss, what is involved?

A person’s weight and its impact on their health can be sensitive subjects. With this in mind, we know how frustrating the yo-yo dieting and scale experience can be so we go through great lengths to address all aspects of weight loss. Our programs are specifically designed for each patient as an individual and may include:
  1. Lab work for overall evaluation
  2. Diet Counseling
  3. Jumpstart program to get you motivated
  4. Hormone balancing
  5. Cellular Restoration

I have been to all kinds of doctors, what do you do differently?

We don’t just treat a number on a lab result, we approach your plan with restoring cellular function in mind.  Every cell operates with a specific purpose and as we are exposed to constant toxins and insult, our cells aren’t able to perform their functions at 100%.  The more we can do to restore this function, the better a person feels overall.

What is cellular restoration?

Cells produce the energy required for every body function. If your body was a business, that energy would be the money that pays the bills.  If there isn’t enough money for your business to run (energy for your body), then departments start getting cut and overall business (health) declines.  Cellular restoration is like giving your company a very large bonus (of energy) that allows it to get back up and running at full capacity.

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What Our Patients Say

"This group is fantastic! My husband and I have been several times for different ailments. They have a team of doctors, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, physiatrists (who assess your ailments before beginning treatment) and wonderful office staff. They're right next door to a gym where you can work out to warm up your muscles before treatment so adjustments will hold better. They're the best!!!!! Thanks Steve for this concept of care for the whole person!!!"

Marylou W.