Exosomes Regenerative Pain Relief


The next Chapter in Regenerative Medicine

Exosomes were first observed in plasma over 50 years ago but the power to heal found in these tiny but mighty extracellular vesicles (EV's) has been making major news especially in Regenerative Medicine. 

Exosomes are released by all cells and act to signal and direct other cells. The source of exosomes is very important - being able to control the source and the environment of the EV’s allows us to stimulate anti-inflammatory responses and reawaken existing cells in our patients’ bodies.  


How Exosomes are Advancing the Field 

  1. Exosomes are naturally produced by the cells of the body.
  2. Exosomes behave like stem cells without being stem cells. Due to their small size (1/1,000th size of a cell or <150 nm in diameter) they play an integral part in restoring tissue and organ damage, and may partially explain the paracrine effects observed in stem cell-based therapeutic approaches.
  3. Exosomes can work to reinvigorate a patient’s existing and dormant stem cells.The signals from cells (exosomes) can cue their surrounding environment to be more conducive to a regenerative environment.
  4. Exosomes create an early onset, anti-inflammatory response aiding in pain relief with Regenerative Treatments.
  5. The FDA continues to regulate the safety of Exosomes, along with other Regenerative avenues. Their size allows them to be sterile filtered, eliminating any bacteria or foreign material, through clean rooms, increasing safety measures versus drugs and other pharmaceuticals.

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