Dr. Steven Peyroux, DC

About Our Founder, Dr. Steven Peyroux, DC

Dr. Steven’s focus on a holistic and integrated model for healthcare has helped patients and practices meet and exceed their expectations for success since 1998. A graduate from Life University, his dedication to excellence; in health care and in business, is evident in every endeavor. Early in his career, he immersed himself in his own training and development, attending 2 continuing education events a month. At 30 years old, he had created his own successful practice and looked to expand his ideals of comprehensive patient and practice health. Dr. Peyroux’s experience in consulting and in running his own practices evolved into Physicians Business Solutions, or PBS, a national consulting business for growing medical and chiropractic practices. While advising his peers and running his own practices, Dr. Peyroux also founded Superior Healthcare in 2009. The main facility in Georgia serves as the training grounds for all Physician Business Solution clients across the nation. It also includes a 24-hour gym and rehabilitation facility, providing post-treatment lifetime wellness for Superior Healthcare patients and the general public.

Dr. Peyroux enjoys collaborating with other industry experts including Dr. James Berg, M.D. of Tulane University and David Singer Enterprises. He has also provided his expertise as a key speaker and coach for Practice Masters – focusing on business development for physical medicine, Quantum Leap, LLC – a physical therapy integration program, and Elite Coaching – physical medicine and business development. He has also published “Healthcare Crisis,” for businesses in the chiropractic field.

PBS and Superior Healthcare continue to grow, stressing an alternative viewpoint and providing the best healthcare model for patients and providers. Dr. Steve and his staff have assisted over 700 practices create integrated practices thus allowing thousands of patients across the nation live healthier, happier lives.

Additional Partnerships include: